Sunday, April 14, 2013

Japan trip part 4

Barbers in Sanjo 

We also visited one of many Barber in Sanjo, this one was bit Special as he had biggest Iwasaki Kamisori ever made :O And yes he actually shaved some customers with that one 

He have huge collection of Kamisoris and Jntas but he used most his Iwasaki 80mm

When i asked him for his best stone in his collection he pulled out 2 Asagis that was from his father and he told me they was the finest and best stones he ever used. Very light Gray colored. All Kiitas he had was for fast work but not the finest as he told me. 

After some time in many barbershops and visiting many blacksmith i been more and more convinced that most used Asagis for they finest edge !

He also had many Naguras Tsushima and some Asano 

This one is sen for maintaining the hallow on Kamisoris

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