Monday, April 15, 2013

Japan trip part 5


We went to Shigefusa workshop to talk about sharpening and new knives.

Shigefusa really take time to sharpen every knife by hand very carefully, it is not like they hurry at all very controlled and precise hand-sharpening i ever seen.

Wile we sit and drink some tea sons took and sharpened some New made Kiridashi.
took a really good time and used of coarse our JNS 6000 before Jnats :D
Before they used Kitayama but now they switched to my JNS 6000 Matukusuyama that i am super proud of !! :) 

The most difficult knife to sharpen witch i think is Usuba, we sharpened a bit and talked about stones :)

I gave big Belgian Coticule to Iizuka san as gift, Natural combo. Witch they tried out and liked a lot :) 

Also i noticed a lot of Asano Naguras witch they love to use on bit harder Jnats. 
I also asked about Ura sharpening as you notice all Shigefusa knives come with super polished and Perfect ura on single beveled knives, they use Hardest stones for that to make it so straight and Beautiful. 

 I guess the biggest secret of Shigefusa knives is patience and skills, they never rush and do everything slow but consistent !

We got a super nice gift from Shigefusa witch was 150mm KU petty that was engraved by Yoshihide with Sakura Kanji

 That was super nice visit very welcoming and as last time very nice to talk to best kitchen knife maker in Japan !

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