Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Japan trip part 6

Sorry that i skipped one day, been super busy after the trip and i apologize if i am to slow to answer emails or ship packages :( 

Still putting many new products to the store so check them out many new things is up now :D 

One day in Sanjo we went to Soba restaurant for a regular dinner 

Crab fish and soba all super fresh and delicious 

Next day we went to my favered Chisel blacksmith in Sanjo 85 years old Okazaki Takeshi

He still uses super old charcole oven that he got from start and old white 1 steel on almost all his chisels 

Custom made chisels with rectangular shape tang 

Super old Grinder that he use for Uraoshi for his chisels he uses the sides of the metal disc grinder

And this is hand blower oven with charcoal that sward polisher uses for quenching, he is the only Blacksmith in Sanjo that still use that super old method to quench his chisels and Kiridashis 

He is 85 years old but amount of work that he do and how he uses his hammer in his hand is Amazing
It inspired me to order many more things from him that we will soon see in my store :)

Amazing Blacksmith !!!

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