Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Ali's Blade France on JNS

I am very proud to present this Amazing Straight razors from Ali's Blade France.
Fully handmade by Christ C├ędric
First time i have tried his razor i was quite amazed by the steel that he use SC145, it took extreme nice edge and hold it for a very long time.
SC145 is not used by many ! it is super pure steel with 1,45 Carbon content and not much els :) made in Germany
Also he have really big attention to details from the smallest pin what holds the scales to sharp lines in razors blade.
Also for a custom razor there is amazingly even and thin grind witch i truly appreciate !
I knew that it is something JNS need to cary , specially because he uses my Japanese Natural Stones for honing and polishing the blades :D

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