Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Polishing Tamahagene

As you know this time when we went to Japan i visited very good Sword polisher well i think the best one in Japan.

And i learnd quite a lot from him, first of all i did not know what real polish was hehe. It seems like his swords was just without any scratches at all. Every derection i looked under every light i tried to turn and twist the blade just to spot single scratch even shalow one There was nothing

It was a really a eyer opener how he pulled that off, there was no secrets involved at all just patience and very hard work. He used 5 days just to polish with finger stones and 2 hole days with Nugui
He only worked on one sword a time so imagine 12 hrs every day just rubing with fingerstones for 5 days

When i got home i had a lot of inspiration i have 2 Kato Tamahagene (small swords) what they call them. I thought they was polished very well. But i was wrong hehe

I did not put at all all potential out of those small blades that is for sure. Then i started to polish one side 1 hr every day now for about 2 month

I think i am not finished yet i am still practicing but here is some pics of result.

And here is just a sample how much similar size in Tamahagene finished go for in Japan


  1. There was no polisher, i did it my self, but still work in progress :P