Monday, January 20, 2014

Suwada, Shears and Stones

Time to Add new Products to the store :)

I have in long time thought about carrying Suwada Nail Clippers and not it is time.
I got some super prices and now can offer them to a very good price !

If someone don't know about Suwada, it is about the best Nail Clippers maker in Japan
Located in Sanjo, Niigata


Same time i also added Carbon steel Shears made in Sanjo
Can be used in Kitchen or as Pruning Shears

I also got many stuff back in stock !!

Binsui type 30

Clean Blue Aotos

Japanese Fish Scaler

And our Japanese Mortars

NEW Stones

For Knives i got :



And for Razors Bunch of Nakayama Koppas

Thats it for now :D
Thank you very much for your Support !!

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