Friday, February 14, 2014

Good News

Again sorry to all that i am way to late to respond to all your emails !! :( I am still bit behind with privet and JNS
But i can see it get much better
Thank you so much for your Patience 

I still have One Shigefusa 240mm Kasumi Gyuto in stock ;)

Today i added some new Itinomonn
And found out good News That i got new stock much cheaper then i expected
So now i have lowered the prices on ALL Itinomonn knives !!!

Now they are just even better deal to buy :D

So here are some new:

ALL V2 and SS cladding

2 x Sujihikis 300mm and 270mm

very long waited 270mm Gyuto, i put Big Octagonal Chestnut handle on it as i think it fits much better for this big knife

And instead of our Old Zensho Nakiri and Santoku we made EVEN better SS clad Itinomonn with much better FF then before

Also today i added ONLY 3 Vintage Aotos that i think is super quality !!

And One double sided Maruichi Nakayama for Razor users

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