Sunday, May 29, 2011

Stone Update

Some of mine good customer recommended me to make numbers to my stones that i sell, so its easier to say witch stone you like to buy.
So from now on i will give etch stone a number :)

Thank you Nikolay

So here we go some stones that i have on sale now :

For razors final finishing:

Type 60 or bigger:

nr 1 Shoubudani Asagi lv 5               SOLD
nr 2 Shoubudani Light Asagi lv 5+   SOLD
nr 3 Shoubudani Asagi lv 5               220 euro
nr 4 Ozuku Kiita with Asagi  lv 5+   SOLD

Razor size stones:

nr 5  Ozuku Asagi lv 5 thin     SOLD
nr 6  Ozuku Asagi lv 5 thin     SOLD
nr 7 Wakasa razor lv 5           SOLD
nr 8 Wakasa Light Asagi lv 5 SOLD

For knifes and pre-polishers for razors:

nr 9   Nakayama Kiita lv 3,5 fines lv 4   SOLD
nr 10 Nakayama Asagi lv 3,5                 130 euro (old price !! )
nr 11 Unknown Asagi probably Ohira    SOLD
nr 12 Hideriyama range Lv 2,5               SOLD  

nr 13 Shoubudani kiita lv 2,5      110 euro
nr 14 Shoubudani Asagi lv 4,5    SOLD

Shoubudani Asagi Kan

Got new very nice Shoubudani Kan
I try it on my new chisels and knifes and razors and it was very nice and very fine for all :)
Lv 5 for sure and very fast ! Do not scratch soft steel on kasumi knifes or tools or kamisoris

I like this one a lot thats why it will cost bit more Price: SOLD

Here is pics:

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ozuku Kiita Kan

With my Ohira Suita i also received one stone for sale.
It is very big Ozuku Kiita with Kan that go over to Asagi it is very rare patterns !!

Size is 205mm 76mm 31mm
Lv 5 it is very good stone for final finishing of Yanagis, Usubas and razors Kamisoris
It dose not scratch soft steel on kasumi knifes or razors, very smooth stone :)
Price is SOLD

Shigefusa stone Ohira Range suita

After i read Hides blog about Shigefusa stones.
I was very excited and asked my soars that sold that stone to Shigefusa to get one similar for me :)

So i just got it today :)
It is Ohira Range suita mine is without toxic lines or inclusions and i can not feel any lines on it !
I just try it out on my kasumi Moritaka, that stone is amazing i am bit surprised that it is so hard i thought it was much more softer stone  but its not , it is very very fast as you can see it is only black swarf on the stone without any slurry. Finish is like on Shigefusa knifes :)
Now i have a stone i can relate to when i peak some stones and finger-stones for Shigefusa knifes !!

Here is pics of my new stone :)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Nakayama Maruka and Shoubudani

Nakayama Maruka Asagi razor: SOLD
size 200mm 70mm 30mm
Lv 5

For those who want Nakayma in there collection :)
I got this one for very good price it is very old stock Nakayma for razors, full size !!!
Excellent finisher for razors !

Stamps on the stone: 優良仕上砥石 it means excellent finisher stone, 請合純正本山,guarantee real honzan, 日本剃刀用 jyunsei honzan nihon kamisori you, on the side there is fainted Maruka stamp. 

Shoubudani Asagi Lv 5 price SOLD
size 195mm 70mm 30mm 

Very uniform stone no lines or inclusions at all !
Very good stone for that price !
Final finisher for razors.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

3 new Razor Hone videos

I made 3 videos of Razor Hones

Wakasa, Shoubudani and Ozuku

listen closely to the sound how smooth and fine they are :)  

All these stones is available for sale !




Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Medium stones Test

Now where i have all stones home i will do a test between them :)

Stones in Test:  Iyoto, Coarse Aoto, Aizu, Blue Aoto and to make comparison more visible i test Hakka too that stone i use after medium stones.

That stone is the hardest off all very hard to make slurry !!! I guess this stone will work best with Nagura

Coarse Aoto: The softest stone off all very fast and muddy !

Aizu: Still very hard stone but with better feeling then Iyoto, it is fast hard and muddy all in one :) 

Blue Aoto: Smoothest stone with very nice feeling finest of medium stones, medium hard !

Hakka: That stone i use after Aotos and medium stones very nice polisher and i use it as final stone for western knifes.

I love medium naturals stones ! but good ones is hard to find and they are quite expencive because of size, weight and shipping cost.  
All these stones is very good for different tasks and its very hard to find witch one is the best for you and what you will use it for . 

I am still searching for good soars of Medium stones so i can add them to my shop but for know there are just to many bad ones :(